Kalista jewels “THE RING SPECIALIST”make the unique invisible setting and is renowned in this refined craftsmanship.The group has secured excellent loyalty in Indian market as one of the leading designer and Manufacturer of diamond jewellery. Kalista Jewel's known for its exclusive designs, quality diamonds . As a jeweler, Kalista Jewel's has a monopoly of setting diamonds on high end branded steel items like Mobiles, watches and accessories. Through these, it has been able to set new benchmark in the jewellery industry. Exquisite diamond jewellery with excellent workmanship, unique & innovative designs, is the strongest trait of the group.

It is our mission to provide fine quality products to customers, each n every beautiful piece produced reflect our passion and distinct craftsmanship in jewellery making. Creativity, Quality and Reputation are the basic elements to express our company’s core value.


Kalista jewels is the first company to make the unique invisible setting and is renowned in this refined craftsmanship.  With changing market demands, we published a new collection with micro-setting and round & baguette jewellery to cater to customer needs.  With the advanced technology, Our brilliant design team fuses classic elegance with contemporary element in our timeless designs, we are continuously adding new product lines to diversify the product category and have more than 300 pieces of unique designs published on the market every month.


Excellent product quality and customer service form the basis of our core value.  All of our timeless pieces are made from careful selection of materials at the highest level of craftsmanship.  Our professional staffs also share the same devotion in customer care and service.


We believe in the importance of achieving outstanding product and service quality. With the exceptional quality, delicate craftsmanship and impeccable service, Kalista jewels has built up a renowned reputation in this industry and will continue to bring more dazzling designs in the future.