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Kalista jewels “THE RING SPECIALIST” make the unique invisible setting and is renowned in this refined craftsmanship.The group has secured excellent loyalty in Indian market as one of the leading designer and Manufacturer of diamond jewellery. Kalista Jewel's known for its exclusive designs, quality diamonds . As a jeweler, Kalista Jewel's has a monopoly of setting diamonds on high end branded steel items like Mobiles, watches and accessories. Through these, it has been able to set new benchmark in the jewellery industry. Exquisite diamond jewellery with excellent workmanship, unique & innovative designs, is the strongest trait of the group.

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Kalista Jewels are graded by the industry's most stringent diamond grading labs: AGSL and GIA. Each diamond available from Kalista Jewels comes with either a diamond grading report, diamond dossier®, or a diamond quality document. The certified diamond experts at these diamond grading labs observe the diamond with their own expert eyes, as well as with a number of scientific tools to document the dimensions, color, clarity and carat weight of the diamond.

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