Diamond Certification

Kalista Jewels are graded by the industry's most stringent diamond grading labs: AGSL and GIA. Each diamond available from Kalista Jewels comes with either a diamond grading report, diamond dossier®, or a diamond quality document. The certified diamond experts at these diamond grading labs observe the diamond with their own expert eyes, as well as with a number of scientific tools to document the dimensions, color, clarity and carat weight of the diamond.

Diamond Grading Reports

Kalista Jewels only works with the most respected diamond grading labs. Because these labs have the highest standards for diamond grading, you'll find diamonds certified by these labs tend to carry a premium. Our diamonds have received the highest grades of quality, so they are guaranteed to be the highest quality diamonds available. The GIA, founded in 1931, established the standards for grading diamonds and provides gemologist training and supplies diamond knowledge to the industry today. The founder of the GIA went on to form the AGSL in 1934, to create a society of jewelers focused on consumer education and promoting ethical business practices within the diamond industry. in 1996 the AGS opened a diamond grading lab — the AGSL — a non-profit agency with the mission of providing stringent, standardized grading reports. Their mission is to establish a trusted set of criteria to evaluate diamond cut. This in turn, promotes the production of more diamonds cut for maximum sparkle, rather than cut to maximize carat weight.