Our Vision

Kalista aims to be the best in class in terms of innovation, creation, mass manufacturing, quality product, human values & care, ethical & system driven business practices in eco-friendly manners.

Our Mission

To achieve world's creative & finest jewellery manufacturer position through state-of-the-art infrastructure, product research & development, ethical & system driven as well as lean management business practices, dedicated team, better values for money, customer centric, continuous improvement of processes & products to expand and cater to newer market.

Our Belief

We believe that the world's most precious creation is in fact the planet itself and it is our duty to preserve its purity and integrity for the generations to come.


  • We take an equivalent quantity of gold in advance against confirmantion of an order with gold issue voucher only.
  • We take gold purity 100% as base purity and the received gold will be converted accordingly.
Manufacturing / Melting Purity (KT.) Finished Goods / Billing Purity (KT.)
14KT-58.50% 59.50%
18KT-75.10% 76.00%


  • Party has to provide item wise diamond bagging as per our standard procurement process. (Our sales co-ordinator will explain the same at the time of first order placing).
  • Approx. up to 2% Diamond breakage loss should be tolerated by party if purity lies from VVS to VS.
  • Approx. up to 3% Diamond breakage loss should be tolerated by party if purity lies from VS to SI & I.
  • In case of Tapper-Budget breakage % may very as per the nature and complication involved in the setting work.

Making Charge

  • we charge labour on net gold weight as under
Type of Product Class Labour Handling Charge
Basic Generic D 550 NA
Classic Generic C 600 NA
Semi Hand Made & Finely Crafted B 650 KJ PRINCESS ONLY
Hand Made & Much Laborious A 700 NA
Hand Made, Much Gold Loss & Laborious A+ As per product NA


  • If any product which involved new CAD, extraordinary efforts and making cost then it will be charged as per the mutual understanding of both the party.
  • Labour charges in this policy are valid till gold rate lies between 4000 to 6000/gm and if it goes below or above the said range then the policy may change by informing to you in prior.

Extra Charge

  • Hallmarking, stamping charges and any other type of customization work will be charged extra as per actual.


  • Within 15 to 40 working days depending on below mentioned preparation & provision from customer.
  • Order Above 800 Gms. at a time.
  • Supply Of Material in One Shot.
  • Style Wise Tapper / Bug & Round Diamond Bagging With Perfect Size & Seive.
  • Order Without any Alteration Or Negligible.
Regular Item: 12 Days
Cocktail Item: 15 Days
  • Order Above 500 Gms. at a time.
  • Supply Of Material in One Shot.
  • Tapper / Bug & Round Diamond With Perfect Size & Seive with single Quality Of Diamonds.
  • Order with Alteration.
Regular Item: 15 Days
Cocktail Item: 20 Days
  • Small size Order Below 500 Gms.
  • Supply of Material in Parts.
  • Tapper / Bug With Mix Sizes & Round Diamond With Imperfect Sieve.
  • Order with Much Alteration.
Regular Item: 20 Days
Cocktail Item: 25 Days


Types of Payment Terms of Payment
Gold Advance against conformation of an order
Labor Payment Against delivery through bank only
Parcel Chages Both side by the client


  • As per our experience, for the safe and reliable logistic we strongly recommend BVC & SEQUEL to all our clients, if not then you must provide any three LOGISTIC agencies of your choice and we will hand over to them at your risks during transit.

Discount Policy

  • Quarter will be counted from April to June & like wise.
For Delivered Per Quarter Labor Discount Per Gram
2001-3000 30 Rs
1501-2000 20 Rs
1001-1500 15 Rs.
501-1000 10 Rs.
201-500 5 Rs.
1-200 0 Rs.

For the customers who support us for the following

  • If Diamond Bagging Provided by Customers (Discount - 5/- Rs. Per Gram)
    • If we get style wise diamond bagging from customers as per our "Standard Diamond Bagging System"
  • Ordering Through B2B Portal (Discount - 5/- Rs. Per Gram)
    • If self selection & final ordering with complete detailing with minimum quantity of 50 PCS every time from Our B2B Web Portal- www.kalistajewels.com
  • Quality of Financial Relationship & Formalities (Discount - 5/- Rs. Per Gram)
    • If payment receive on or before 7 day of every month.
    • If "ledger with stock" tally and acknowledge before 5 day of every month.
    • If get material with voucher with exact figure of gold wt. & dia. wt as per actual.
    • If we get invoice copy return with client sign & company stamp without any reminder / follow up within 3 working days after receipt of the same from our side, Scanned copy is acceptable.
  • Overall Ease of Working (Discount - 5/- Rs. Per Gram)
    • If we get proper gold purity 99.9% or 99.5%.
    • If full order material receive at a time only.
    • If repetition of style / order is remarkable.
    • If material receive directly from client / material supplier at our door step not other via-media.
    • If clarity / firmness of order placing in first time is remarkable / admirable.
    • If client cooperates in not making the new development / designs disliked by KALISTA.


On Gross Wt.

Class Type of Product Labour
C Basic Generic 500
D Classic Generic 550
B Semi Hand Made & Finely Crafted 600
A Hand Made & Much Laborious 650
A+ Hand Made, Much Gold Loss & Laborious As per Product

CZ Rates

  • As per "Rate Chart" attached

Color Stone Rate

  • As per our standard "Rate Chart"


  • Within 30 to 40 working days.


Types of Payment Terms of Payment
Labor 50% Advance of total value of the Order and Rest against delivery through bank only
Parcel Charges By The Client